About HALP

Available exclusively on the PC platform. HALP is a cooperation-focused community devoted to enjoying CEO & MC businesses, heists, races, and other fun group activities in GTA Online. Our focus is on creating a non-PvP environment for making money and having fun without worrying about hostile players. There is a strong sense of community between our players and thus, we are selective about who can join.


It is assumed that you understand and agree to our terms and regulations should you choose to apply and become a member of HALP. You will be warned and potentially removed from our community if you violate our Rules. Please acknowledge that the rules exist; fully understand them to ensure a quality experience for all of our members. The Officers will honor fairness, within reason, but we reserve the right to do what we feel is best for our community in moments of conflict or incident.

Application Process

To become a member of HALP, follow these steps:

  1. Read through our Rules and FAQ carefully, since everyone is allowed only one attempt to complete the application quiz, and you must score 100% for your application to be considered.
  2. Set your Profile Visibility and Game Stats Visibility to Everyone.
  3. Set Show my Friends to Yes.
  4. Join our Discord server and change your Discord server nickname to match your Rockstar Social Club name.
  5. Ensure Allow direct messages from server members is enabled.
  6. Click the Apply button at the top of this page and complete the application quiz.
  7. If you are successful, Read the welcome message sent by The Halper MK2 on Discord for further instructions on how to receive crew and bot invitations, how to join our sessions, and more.

Other Information

Note that HALP is a non-commercial and private community. Membership is based on invitation only, and we reserve the right to deny you for any reason.

You can submit questions, suggestions, and feedback in the appropriate channel on Discord, via our bot Ms. Baker, or via direct message to any of our Officers. We will try our best to address them as soon as we can.