Car Meet Race Hosted by: YG1231

24min of HALP (Track Rat Race)


We will take Sports Classics for a spin around ANGL Chaparral Waltz.

CarPriceSiteTop SpeedBroughy Lap Time
Ardent$1,150,000Warstock117.75 mph1:05.234
Turismo Classic$705,000LM120.75 mph1:04.599
Cheetah Classic$865,000LM120.25 mph1:04.932

Hope to see a sizeable group of HALPers at the race and I wish you good luck!

Event Itinerary

1. Join Friends-Only Session on at the start time, then wait for the job invite. If not friends already, send a SC friend request.

2. After a short meet and greet in friends-only session at yet undisclosed location to check up on the cars to make sure they are within regulations host will start the race.

3. First part is 2 laps of Non-contact qualification to determine starting grid for the second part which is the grand prix.

4. The race will be 7 laps in GTA mode. Further instructions and rules will be posted before race in #⁠halp-events.


1. This event is of open type which means your friends are welcome too! (they should be announced to YG1231 via DM first.)

2. Track Rats are required to race without a spoiler.

4. Everyone will be required to limit their FPS at 60.

5. Weapon usage is forbidden. Only exception is grenade to signal race start.

6. Intentionally crashing into other racers or disrupting the flow of the race will warrant a disqualification. (Accidents will happen, but try to minimize it.)

7. Try to only overtake racers when the risk of crashing is minimum, on the other hand if someone is clearly faster than you, let them pass.

8. Track Rats are handicapped, the person who finishes first becomes a Track Rat.

PS. If any have additional questions regarding the race don’t hesitate to ask in Discord or DM YG1231 .