Car Meet Adversary Modes Hosted by: TrueNinjaFrog

Adversarial Affairs

4 cars in a circle with sumo written in the middle

Welcome to Adversarial Affairs!

Brought to you by our resident sneaky amphibian, we’ll be playing several scheduled Adversary Modes. Between each game, we’re going to have car meets, where everyone gathers together to show off their cars until the next game begins. Good luck my friends. :)


Win the minigames by competing head-to-head with other HALPers, and show off your cars in between rounds!

Event Itinerary

  1. Car meet at Diamond Casino parking lot in Friends-Only Session on TrueNinjafrog
  2. 3 rounds of Sumo
  3. Car meet
  4. 3 rounds of Hunting Pack
  5. Car meet
  6. 3 rounds of Trap Door