Car Meet Exploration Fashion Hosted by: YG1231

BF Weevil Car Meet & Cruise

A cruise over the mountain tops on the east side of the map in the BF Weevil. The end point is hidden at lake at Mount Gordo where we will take pictures to freshen up HALP website a bit.


Customise and upgrade a BF Weevil (I suggest you add highest level of performance upgrades, our route can get tricky. Get creative with cosmetic upgrades)!

You should have a free BF Weevil if you have completed English Dave’s Keinenmusic missions from Cayo Perico DLC. Otherwise, buy one from Southern S.A. Super Autos for a price of $870,000.


1. BF Weevils only. No others vehicles allowed.

2. IF you don’t have one, you may join as a passenger to others or watch us cruise from above via helicopter.

3. No PVP, weapon usage, intentionally crashing into others and so on, basically don’t be a dick to others.

4. Have fun!