HALP-LYMPICS Race Fashion Hosted by: TrueNinjaFrog

Bootleg Post-Op Van “Race” #3


Bootleg Post-Op Van “Race”

The first stage of project HALP-LYMPICS is underway. Stress-tests needed. Will undergo active development throughout the test’s event’s timespan. 2 races and a “touch-up” phase, repeated thrice. Each run will be updated by user feedback.

Date And Time: 16:00-16:55, 18:00-18:55, and 20:00-20:55 GMT.


None required for the event. However, brightly colored uniforms for visibility and immersion are recommended, as this is essentially a makeshift lab rat experiment professional stress test. Races will not be in GTA mode, however, so players will rarely, if at all, be seen outside of their vehicles.

Another recommended piece of equipment is a notepad to write notes on, whether it be physical or digital, for feedback to forward to TrueNinjafrog , to improve for the final event. This is a test run, after all.

No purchase is necessary for the event, as stock Boxvilles (sadly, no Post-Op vans, just Los Santos Department of Water & Power ones, because of budget constraints) will be provided.

Event Itinerary

Join on TrueNinjafrog ’s Friends-Only Session at the time of the event. Meet up at Humanes Lab and Research’s parking lot. The session will be opened 15 minutes prior to the start of each event, and then actual races will start 10 minutes after.

Phase 1: Familiarity Run (approx. 10-15 minutes)

All players will be invited to a testing race hosted by TrueNinjafrog . This is a non-contact, no traffic, daytime, clear skies, clean slate race. Boxvilles only. This first run will familiarize participants with the race.

Phase 2: Stress-Testing Run (approx 15-20 minutes)

The race will be repeated, but with contact, traffic, and “current” time and weather. Again, boxvilles only. Physical contact and roughhousing will not be discouraged. This version of the race should be noted mentally by the participants, for any glaring issues or interesting aspects to be developed further.

Phase 3: Live Event “End” and Active Development

The event will effectively “end” for the main in-game activities, however users should create and share notes, concerns, ideas, etc. regarding the races to TrueNinjafrog via Discord DMs for improvements to be made on the track’s layout, style, etc. These can include:

  • Prop removal
  • Addition of hidden speed boosts
  • Ramps to make certain jumps and paths less random
  • Barriers
  • Signs
  • Etc.

Where the aforementioned brightly colored uniforms come to play, are for helping in creating screenshots and visual markers to where potential changes could be made. A visual indicator of where exactly a change may be added would be incredibly useful.

TrueNinjafrog will stay in-game, though now in the level editor, to make some changes based on user feedback, before the start of the next event. He cannot join your session to look at an angle or point, but he can check DMs for images and map markers to see where a change can take place.

Phase 4(?): Repeat.

After receiving feedback and making some changes in the 45ish minute or so break between races, TrueNinjafrog will initiate the event, again, with the new changes made. Then, the cycle will repeat, and end on the 3rd instance at 20:55.


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