Car Meet Fashion Race Hosted by: BlazeRoman

Bottom Gear - Teeny Weeny Issi Partini

Welcome to bottom gear mates!

Like the saying goes, big things come in small packages, yup, just like Rhodian's package. There is no smaller package than the classic issi, with an engine block smaller than a dish washer's and exhaust note that sounds like sneaking a fart in an office meeting. The Issi Classic has been the closest thing on four wheels to screaming 'I've got nothing to prove to anyone' in the face of every stranger you meet.

Participants will go through a series of challenges and torturous shenaningans that i have cooked up for the sole purpose of inflicting suffering which in return brings ME great joy. Grab any model of the weeny issi (preferably classic but if you can't afford it any will do) modify to taste and meet at sandyshores airfield.


1st challenge: Musical cars: Park your cars in a circle, make sure that it is open access to all players, get out of your cars. I will blast music from my truck (so enable sound) as soon as the music stops completely, players will get in any car. The player that is left out without a car is eleminated and each round we remove a couple of cars until only 1 car and 2 players left.

2nd challenge: Brake first ese!: Gather up at Algonquin Boulevard in Sandy Shores where we will play a little game of chicken, two participants will race at a time. If you brake too late, you go for a swim in your car, if you brake too early, you lose. The one who gets to the end the first and travels the furthest distance without falling, wins.

3rd challenge: Survive the Hunt: Meet at top of Pillbox Hill parking lot where yours truly will be the cunt chasing you around with a ramp buggy. You fall out, you lose; last car standing wins.

4th challenge: Repair whatever is left of your car and dignity and meet at Ammunation where we will attempt to answer the age-old question… how many Issis can fit in Ammunation? (you can bring your arena war issi if you have one to park it over the counter) previous world record is 9, held by HALPers


1. Absolutely no PVP or i’m telling daddy Plasma and you do not want to be taken to his naughty halpers basement.

2. Event will take place in a Friends-only session, so send BlazeRoman a friend request to join, you are free to remove him afterwards, that’s alright.

3. If Aimbot wins any of this shit I’m retiring as HOA for good :peepoPoliceStare: