Carball Fashion Race Hosted by: BlazeRoman

Bottom Gear: Muscle Mania


Welcome back to Bottom Gear mates, we received some complaints from angry Americans that our event lacks 'glorious automobile representation'. This time, we will be showing off our muscles to please daddy Red and all other Americanized asians, and to ensure no one ends up at the bottom of a river with brick shoes.

Get in ANY muscle car and meet at the most muscular place on the map, the top of Mount Chiliad (you can TP there lexi >_>)


1. ‘Broke car mountain’: while any one can climb Mount Chiliad, few are the ones that descend from it alive with all their gains and buff horses intact, fastest car to descend the mountain with LEAST DAMAGE wins.

2. ‘Macho e macho’: it doesn’t matter whether you win by an inch or a mile as we’re not drag racing here, meet at SS airfield where each two participants will face each other in a push contest.

3. ‘Okay. Fine’: can’t really have a muscle car themed gathering without drag racing (note: the car race, not rupaul’s thingy)


1. Absolutely no PVP or i’m telling daddy Plasma and you do not want to be taken to his naughty halpers basement.

2. Any muscle car will do, off the street, off your collection, all are fine. (except arena cars)

3. Event will take place in a Friends-only session, so send BlazeRoman a friend request to join, you are free to remove him afterwards, that’s alright.


I will duo sing your favourite Disney song with you.