Car Meet Fashion Race Hosted by: BlazeRoman

Bottom Gear - Space Edition

Welcome to bottom gear, mates! After witnessing one rich fuck after another launch themselves into space in penis-looking spacecraft, we the rich GTA folk must leave our dick print in that race, virtually at least.


Participants will go through a series of challenges that we believe will prepare them for the future space race and potential alien invasion.

Join Friends-Only Session on BlazeRoman at the time of the event.

1st challenge: Grab a modifiable pedestrian CAR (BECAUSE YOU CANT GET TO SPACE ON A SANCHEZ, ATHORIL!) and head over to LSIA Airport where you be launched with the aid of a Vigilante. who ever lands furthest wins this challenge.

2nd challenge: Planetary exploration involves navigating through unknown weather conditions such as sand storms, dunes, and snow. While that shit cannot be replicated, the best I can do is a race to Mount Gordo’s hidden lake.

3rd challenge: No space program is complete without emergency landing training, so make your way down to Sandy Shores Airfield where one of the best jihadi pilots ever (yours truly, BlazeRoman) will fly you sky high over the Diamond Casino where you will be ejected and attempt to dive in the infinity pool (and live).


1. Absolutely no PVP or I’m telling daddy Plasma and you do not want to be taken to his naughty halpers basement.

2. Vehicle must be a modifiable pedestrian car, so this excludes cars like the vapid bullet which you cannot modify in LSC, you don’t have to grab it off the street if you already have one in your garage (a futo, for example).

3. Event will take place in a Friends-only Session, so send BlazeRoman a friend request to join, you are free to remove him afterwards, that’s alright.


• I will personally endorse you in your next presidential campaign.

• one of gritz’ beard hairs