Cannonball Run Race Hosted by: Vill3m

'Tourist Guide' Themed Cannonball Run


This week’s theme is “Tourist Guide.

Send Vill3m 1-3 checkpoint ideas for interesting sights you would show to people visiting Los Santos or Blaine County. Please submit your checkpoint ideas before Friday.


It is a race where checkpoints are scattered around the map randomly, and you have to find your own way to each checkpoint using vehicles found in traffic. Everyone is given the same checkpoints in the same order, but the position of each checkpoint is random throughout the map of GTA! Similar to last time, the checkpoints for this race are submitted by you.

Event Itinerary

1. Join on Vill3m at the time of the event

2. We start on a platform high up in the sky, then parachute down to start

3. Race!


1. The job is in GTA mode so you can exit your vehicle and steal other vehicles from the street.

2. You can use any vehicle you can find, except aircraft.

3. Don’t kill other players, and don’t use weapons in any way. If you kill another player then you have to wait for them.