Cannonball Run Race Hosted by: Vill3m

30KM Cannonball Run

GTA 5 Map


It's a race similar to last week's Gfred, where checkpoints are scattered around the map and you have to find your own way to these checkpoints. This time, the checkpoints are submitted by you, and placed in a random order.

Event Itinerary

1. Join on Vill3m on 5 December at 12.00 UTC

2. Race!


1. The job is in GTA mode so you can get off you vehicle and steal other vehicles from the street.

2. We start on a platform high up in the sky and parachute down (don’t worry, parachutes are provided at the starting point) and then start collecting checkpoints.

3. You can use any vehicle you can find, except aircraft.

4. Don’t kill other players, and don’t use weapons in any way. If you kill another player then you have to wait for them.