Car Meet Exploration Fashion Hosted by: RomanBrandt84

Canyon Cruise, Featuring the Rancher XL - #1

This is instance 1 / 2. There are two instances of this event. If you are unable to attend one, you are welcome to attend the other. You are welcome to participate in both!

Canyon Cruise cover image


Take a road trip to Raton Canyon to explore the dirt roads, take some pics, and hang out with your fellow HALPers! We'll stop for food and gas on the way, then we'll head to the canyon to get these trucks dirty. We'll do some sightseeing, go swimming, do a little bit of hiking, and attempt to climb Mt. Chiliad. Get ready for an adventure! An RP cruise through Raton Canyon in a caravan of Rancher XLs.


1. Necessary: Get a Rancher XL if you don’t have one.

This vehicle can be purchased from Southern San Andreas for $9k, but for those who like the hunt, they spawn mostly in the northern half of the map. If someone has their Rancher XL out in the city, others are also likely to spawn there. I’ve heard rumors of a few HALPers who plan to create temporary Rancher XL lots where you can grab one for free! Remember to put insurance on it at LSC.

2. Optional: Create a hiking outfit at any of the clothing stores around the map. You’ll want to be comfortable and stylish for this trip!


1. No weapons (Flares and Fireworks can be used once we get to the top of Chiliad because the police can’t reach us there).

2. No PvP (Accidents happen)

3. All driving will be realistic (stopping at lights, stop signs, etc.)

4. Come prepared for a relaxing role-play cruise with great views and fun with friends!

Event Itinerary

1. Meet on Friends-Only Session up to 30 minutes before time of event on RomanBrandt84

2. Meet at the Von Crastenburg Hotel in Rockford Hills to swim while other players join. Park in the parking garage behind the building.

3. This is a good time to prep an outfit if you want! There’s a clothing store nearby.

4. We will head up toward Ford Zancudo, stopping for gas and snacks along the way, and then over to the Great Ocean Highway.

5. We’ll stop at Hookie’s for food, and then head down into the canyon!

6. We’ll take it slow, stopping at lookout points and exploring the dirt roads.

7. Then, we’ll head over to the Chiliad Wilderness and eventually up to the top of Chiliad.