Carball Hosted by: Noobstaah

Free-Roam Carball

Event Itinerary:

1. Meet in Friends-Only Session on Noobstaah

2. Assemble in sewers behind Videogeddon, set up the pitch/field

3. Play some Carball

Carball Rules:

Carball is essentially GTA’s Rocket League.

  1. Line up in evenly-matched teams.
  2. You must use a normal, non-boosted, non-jumping, non-weaponized, non-armored car or SUV. Host’s decision regarding cars is final.
  3. The Issi Classic is the “ball “, and two Terrobytes on either side of the playing area indicate the “net.”
  4. Your goal is to push the “ball " into the opponent’s “net.”
  5. Other instructions will be given, as required, at the time of the event.