Car Meet 💀 PvP 💀 Survive the Hunt Hosted by: Whizzo42

Cops and Runners

Pagoda location

Do you ever feel like you want to live in a fast and furious movie? Join the chase and flee Los Santos's finest blues in your gaudiest car. Buy any 4-wheeled street-spawnable vehicle before the event, no engine modification is allowed and no bulletproof tyres, but make it as gaudy as possible. Also make sure you have at least one Pegasus vehicle, such as the Mule ready.

Each Round

1. Cops start in the docks, runner begins under the bridge leading out.
2. Aim is for the runner to blow up a vehicle underneath the pagoda (image above) then escape via the casino highway. Once the runner is past the bridge beyond the highway, they win the round.
3. Road blocks can only be put in place once the chase is under way. Can use vehicles such as buses as part of a road block.
4. Pagoda vehicle can be blown up by a stickybomb/grenade from within the vehicle.
5. At the end of each round, a volunteer can replace the Pegasus vehicle with any of their choice if it is destroyed.

Common Rules

1. Only 1 runner at a time.
2. Time period per chase of up to 10 minutes. If the runner is not out of the city by this point the cops win. If the runner dies as per weapon rules cops win.
3. Every single player in the game has to have the following settings turned off:

  • HUD » Escape - Settings - Display - HUD = Off.
  • Radar » Escape - Settings - Display - Radar = Off.
  • Player names » Escape - Online - Options - Player Overhead Display = None.

4. Make these changes in game settings and send Whizzo42 a screenshot of your game showing it has been disabled. Invites will only be accepted once these have been done.
5. Nobody can shoot from their vehicles.
6. If you want to shoot allowed weapons (see team rules) you must be outside of your vehicle.
7. Exception to that is described in the round description.
8. Please join VC for coordination; can also use in-game chat but VC is preferred.

Runner Rules

1. Runner Vehicle – Grab any 4 wheeled street spawnable vehicle before event, no engine modification is allowed, but make it as gaudy as possible. Bullet proof tyres are NOT allowed. Voting at the beginning of the event for the best car.
2. Underground areas are NOT allowed (Subway/train etc). Overhanging areas such as through buildings are allowed.
3. Runners will start at the entrance to the docks under the highway bridge.
4. Only ground vehicles are allowed.
5. Runner has access to all mk1 weapons and can shoot down cop air unit too. Can also use RPG/Homing Rocket to shoot down air unit ONLY.
6. Runners must get out of their vehicle to shoot.
7. On foot is only allowed to switch vehicle if current one is disabled.
8. Not allowed to use weapons at the beginning of race – ie not shooting down the heli instantly.

Cop Rules

1. Emergency vehicles – any are allowed, cop, police, fire, army; with the exception of tanks.
2. One non weaponized air unit is allowed – maverick helicopter. Will try to get a police one, but plain one may be used if the police one is destroyed in a chase. Only one helicopter per chase, if it destroyed it is destroyed.
3. Cops are restricted to mk1 pistol and shotgun.
4. Cops must be outside of their vehicle when shooting.
5. Running over the runner is allowed.
6. Crashing the heli into the runner is not allowed.
7. Helicopter can be airborne at beginning of each round.