Car Meet Sumo 💀 PvP 💀 Hosted by: DintNL

Dint's Demolition Derby - #1

This is instance 1 / 2. There are two instances of this event. If you are unable to attend one, you may attend the other, or both!

Be the last vehicle remaining in the ring to win!

You thought there would be no demolition derby today? You thought wrong! We'll be doing things slightly differently, but it will still be a demolition derby! Or is it Sumo? Whatever you want to call it, it should be fun! Join us for the first instance!

Event Itinerary

1. We’ll meet in an invite-only session on DintNL . Session will be created about 15 minutes before the start of the event.

2. Meet at the center of the parking lot of Los Santos Customs in Burton to play our first round(s) of Sumo.

3. After this we’ll go to the Diamond Casino’s horse track for moar!


1. You must use a normal, non boosted, non weaponized, non-armored car or SUV. Host’s decision regarding cars is final.

2. When the round starts, attempt to knock all other players out of the ring, while avoiding being knocked out yourself.

3. If you are knocked out of the ring, you may not re-enter with your car for the remainder of the round.

4. If you get a wanted level, call Lester to remove it.

5. Other instructions will be given, as required, at the time of the event.

6. For the 2nd round ONLY (at the casino): If you are out, you may fire your Up-n-Atomizer at remaining vehicles, however, you must remain INSIDE the ring to fire your Up-n-Atomizer.

(I took most of these rules from Noobstaah’s Sumo Event, as they describe things perfectly)