Car Meet Exploration Fashion Hosted by: Noobstaah

Draugurururur Off-Roading


Declasse Draugruru is a new off-roader in GTA: Online. Testing shows that it can achieve what none have ever achieved. It can climb seas, swim in mountains, fly off-road, and run on train tracks while beating trains in a drag race.

We ought to test these “features” of the off-roader by having a car meet. Yes! you heard me right. A car meet on an island. So use your Dragruru’s sea climbing skills and gather at the shack island where Mr. Schwartzman was having summer vacations in Pacific Standard setup. If car lottery have failed you and your car is unable to climb water, you can also use Cargobob for dropping off your Darugururu at the said island.. gg ez 1-0 get rekt

After car-meet, we will go for off-roading in some most populated areas of the map. Stay tuned!


1. Car meet at Mr. Schwartzman’s summer vacation shack.

2. Climbing some weird pile of rocks, south and east of an airfield which is located in middle of nowhere.