Car Meet Race Gfred Hosted by: El27Barto

ElBarto's PC Mark Webber Speedway (Track Rat Race) + Gfred #14

PC Mark Webber Speedway by Trumpetmaster19


1. Required: buy yourself one of the following vehicles:

CarPriceSiteTop Speed (MPH)Broughy Laptime
Lampadati Novak$608,000LM1261:06.500
Ubermacht Rebla GTS$1,175,000LM123.51:06.700

Event Itinerary

1. Join the Friends only session on El27Barto . It will be up 15 minutes before the start. Send El27Barto a friend request if you wanna join.

2. We enter the race, PC Mark Webber Speedway by Trumpetmaster19. We will do 2 laps of non-contact qualifying, 10 laps of racing. We’ll line up according to our best lap times before the race starts.

3. Gfred afterwards!


1. Clean racing - Be careful, respect other racers, don’t crash into anyone on purpose.

2. Don’t use weapons.

3. Limit your FPS to 60.

4. If you need to respawn, please do it somewhere away from the track because the game might leave a copy of your car behind.

5. No restrictions for Track Rats. The first non-Track Rat on the podium gets the role, if there are any. If no non-Track Rat finish on the podium, nobody gets the role.