Car Meet Race Hosted by: El27Barto

ElBarto's Snow Racing Event

EEDO RenamedForSilkie RMK


Required: Buy yourself a car from the list. Consider the conditions and note that Broughy’s testing is done in optimal weather, in the dry.

CarPriceSiteTop SpeedBroughy Lap Time
Pfister 811$1,135,000LM132.51:03.229
Pegassi Vacca$240,000LM and SSSA120.251:03.964
Ubermacht SC1$1,603,000LM120.751:03.664

Event Itinerary

1. Join on El27Barto . Send a friend request if you wanna join. Session will be up about 15 mins before the start.

2. We’ll do a 2-lap non-contact qualifying on the track, EEDO RenamedForSilkie RMK.

3. We’ll do the 10-lap race. Track rats are handicapped by starting at the back of the grid, 30 seconds after everyone else.

4. After the main race I’ll host two more short, fun-focused races