Car Meet Exploration Hosted by: RomanBrandt84

Emperor Cruise: A Highway Speed Adventure

Albany Emperor cover image


A chill sightseeing road trip through Northern San Andreas in a caravan of Albany Emperors. Come explore the top part of the map with Roman! There's a lot of stuff up there that we overlook during our grind. It's time to slow down and see what it has to offer us.


1. Required vehicle: Albany Emperor. Can be regular or beater version. No drivetrain upgrades (engine tunes, transmission, turbo, brakes, etc.) but cosmetic changes are welcome. Make it your own!

2. Use your imagination, line up in the drive thru and act like you’re getting food, or stop and act like you’re getting gas. Walk around the park and read the plaques! We’re going to take this slower than a normal event.

3. No weapons, or fighting of any kind. This is a non-PvP event.

Event Itinerary

1. Meet in an Invite-Only Session on RomanBrandt84 at the car wash near Franklin’s aunt’s house.

2. When everyone is ready, from there we’ll get on the freeway!

3. There will be stops along the way, including: fast food, gas, a waterfall, national park, photos at different locations, etc.

5. We’ll end with a party on the beach and photos of our cars.