Adversary Modes 💀 PvP 💀 Hosted by: ____Danny____


Extraction is an Adversary Mode job. This job offers a lot of suspense and it's damn fun to play. It pays 3x GTA$ this week, so it's also a nice way to make a bit of money. See Extraction for more details.

The target's VIP plane crashes. A team of bodyguards is dispatched to find the target at the crash site, and evac him to the specified extraction point before time expires. A hit squad must find and kill the target before the bodyguards manage to extract him. The first team to win 3 rounds wins the match. We will cycle through all five maps. Note: max number of players is 12, so we will play on a 'first come first serve' basis and then the host will reinvite people to the job as soon as space becomes available.