💀 PvP 💀 Race Hosted by: FaUsT8690

FaUsT and the Furious - #2

explosion jump with cars This is instance 2 / 2. There are two instances of this event. If you are unable to attend one, you may attend the other, or both!

Hellllooo fellow HALPers!

Did you miss the first instance and get irreparably mad about it? Wanna blow off some steam? Then fear not! Because you're gonna have a chance to redeem yourself by blowing up your fellow HALPers in the second instance of this full-blown Mix-PvP-Playlist! You'll get a chance to do to people things you would normally be banned from this crew for! And to spice things up - we're gonna have some pretty fun stunt races! And no, not this R* boring BS, we'll be doing races created by a fellow GTA Players!


Be warned,there ARE gonna be some rules that are explained during some jobs, but dont worry, they are very easy to remember and they are gonna be there purely to maintain fairness of the game, so to not ruin experience for the other players.

Event Itinerary

  1. Join FaUsT8690 ’s Playlist at time of event
  2. Listen for further instructions on how to participate

Anyway, get your blood boiling and I’ll see you there!