Gfred Race Hosted by: Gritz_

Snowfred #1

You see a thick blanket of winter fog descend over the state. Visibility is very poor, and rumour has it that the waters have gone completely clear. The ground is still thawed, so no snow on the roads, but you can still get lost in the blizzard with this week’s special variation of gfred, and then stay put for a bonus round of regular gfred when the weather clears up. The goal is to cross the finish line as fast as possible while adhering to the rules outlined below.

Event Itinerary

1. Join Friends-Only session on gritz_ at the time of the event to get your swimsuit and parachute ready.

2. Join the job when the invite is sent and race.

3. Get your parachute ready again once you load back into freemode, and join the second job when the invites are sent out.


1. No weapon usage at all (including selection wheel).

2. No killing/hitting/impeding anyone else.

3. Must complete the course without help from any other player.

4. Must get first car when on the freeway.

5. Must drive unaided using only throttle, brake and steering. (Brake/curb boosting is allowed.)

6. Traffic spawned cars only (no bikes/quads/planes, etc).

7. If you accidentally kill someone you must wait for them.

8. If you die on the freeway you may use your cycle to get back there.