💀 PvP 💀 Hosted by: Gritz_

HALP Fight Club #1 - Seeding Tournament

HALP Fight Club Banner

Hello HALPers!

Do the rules of HALP forbid you from punching someone in the face whom you think really deserves it? Participate in HALP Fight Club and take out your frustrations, show off your skill, and knock down your fellow HALPers in this non-elimination tournament. To participate in the main event, you must register your name on the tournament roster. By doing so, you are agreeing to participate in BOTH TOURNAMENTS.

KO your opponent, or knock them out of the ring to win your match. Each round will have several matches. The tournament winner is decided by overall points.

Seeding Tournament? WTF Is that?

When you finish this tournament, you will be given a score based on how you performed against other HALPers. This will be used to place (aka seed) you in the Halp Fight Club #2 - Double Elimination Tournament on April 11th. So that means, by registering for this tournament, you are registering for TWO EVENTS. You are making a commitment to show up and face off against your fellow competitors in BOTH. People who no-show after registering will be name-and-shamed.

1. To pre-register and confirm your availability for both events, message @gritz_ in the #halp-events channel and you will be added to the tournament roster.

2. This will be a Swiss-Style Tournament. There will be several matches per round. The order in which matches are played is determined algorithmically.

3. Winners will play mostly against winners, losers against losers. Nobody will face the same opponent twice. This is chosen algorithmically.

4. If you win a fight, you get +1 point. If you lose, you get 0. If both HALPers knock each other out simultaneously, it’s a draw, and both HALPers get +0.5 / +0.5.

5. The number of rounds depends on the number of registrants. Expect 3-5 rounds of X matches, where X is the number of players who register. The player with the most points after all the rounds wins the tournament, and is rewarded with the honour of Top Seed in the Halp Fight Club #2 - Double Elimination Tournament.

7. Unfortunately, stand-ins will not be allowed. If you do not show up at the time of your match after registering, you will forfeit each match you do not attend.


1. You can talk about HALP Fight Club.

2. Inside or near the arena, weapons of any kind are forbidden.

3. Sparring matches outside the viewing platform and arena are allowed, but do not interfere with matches or interact with fighters in the arena or spectators on the platform viewing.

4. If you get a wanted level, call Lester to remove it. If you are on cooldown, use CEO - Bribe Authorities.

5. Other instructions will be given, as required, at the time of the event.

Event Itinerary


1. Join Friends-Only Session on gritz_ at the time of the event, meet at the marked location at the Galileo Park Observatory.

2. Register with the host if you are available to participate in both tournaments. People who no-show after registering will be name-and-shamed.

3. Climb on to the Viewing Platform (MOC), explore the event area, drink beers, socialize, or spar with your fellow HALPers while people join.

Map of event location

Main Event Start

1. 15 minutes after the event begins or when the tournament roster is full, we will begin. HALPers who show up after the registration period may still spectate from the viewing platform and participate in sparring outside of the main event.

2. In the first round, pairs for each match will be chosen randomly.

3. In subsequent rounds, each participant faces an opponent with the same, or almost the same, cumulative score. No competitor is paired with the same opponent twice. This is done algorithmically.

4. Follow along as the rounds progress.