Car Meet Exploration Fashion Hosted by: RomanBrandt84

Halp Halloween 2022 - Instance #2

HALP Halloween 2022 with UFO

It's Halloween... a little late. Let's have some spooky fun! Second instance.


(Only certain things are required. Otherwise, you can come as you are if you’re short on time. It’ll be fun either way!)

Required: A Costume For The Costume Party

Create a costume using any store that sells clothing, masks, etc.

Optional: A Spooky Ride For The Costume Party

Create a car that’s worthy of a Halloween party. Your imagination is the limit. It doesn’t have to be one of the Halloween cars. Utilize things like neon kits, tire smoke, interesting paint jobs, etc. to create a cool look on any vehicle!

Optional: Outfit For The Haunted Locations Tour

Create an FIB outfit, change into an alien costume, or do something entirely different to dress as some other paranormal entity. Since the theme is X-Files, I’ll be going as Dana Scully on the girl character.

Optional: FIB Fleet Vehicle

Create a vehicle that you feel would be appropriate for any FIB mission. Weaponized vehicles are fine AS LONG AS YOU DON’T USE THE WEAPONS. Examples would be the new Granger, the Benefactor Shafter, etc. Anything that looks like an official government sedan/SUV/etc. will work, including free options stolen from the street.

Required: Funeral Vehicle

Create a Benny’s vehicle, a Halloween vehicle, or something that would be appropriate for a funeral (example: the Romero Hearse spawns for free when another player’s Romero is present).


Join the Friends-Only Session on RomanBrandt84 at the time of the event.

1. Underground Costume Party At Rockford Plaza

Bring your best costumes and vehicles to the parking garage under Rockford Plaza! We’ll vote for the HALP Halloween royalty via an anonymous poll in Discord and the winners will be brought up onto the stage, similar to how we did the HALPers Ball royalty last year. Get ready to see some sweet rides and some spooky outfits!

2. X-files Themed Haunted Locations Tour

I had to cut the UFO hunt for obvious reasons, but the theme lives on in this tour of a few of San Andreas’s most haunted locations! Dress as an FIB agent, an alien, or any paranormal entity and be ready to have a great time with your fellow HALPers.

3. Benny’s Funeral

This will be a shortened version of the Benny’s Funeral from a few years back, only going from the cemetery to the pier. We’ll pay tribute to our friend Benny, the man who brought us so many awesome custom cars over the years. The funeral procession will end with the hearse being flown out to the ocean and dropped into the water. RIP.


1. Be respectful of others.

2. No PvP. Accidents happen, but there should be no intentional blowing up/shooting of other players or their property.

3. No modding/glitching please.

4. Come prepared to take in the sights and see what your fellow HALPers come up with!