HALP-LYMPICS Race Fashion Hosted by: TrueNinjaFrog

Halp-Lympics Testing #2

Testing Phase 2: Post Op Van Push, “Randomized” Buggy Race, and MC Club Transform Race. Repeated for 2 events, to grab as many participants as possible. Please partner up with another player in a duo prior to the event.


Brightly colored uniforms for visibility and immersion are recommended, as this is essentially a makeshift lab rat experiment professional stress test. Races will not be in GTA mode, however, so players will rarely, if at all, be seen outside of their vehicles.

A push-capable “Van” class vehicle, for pushing boxvilles if you want to be a pusher. You will need to find a partner to be pushed by for this race, if you wish to not buy a van, and operate a Boxville.

Customized Dune Buggy (Not the Dune FAV, Space, or Wedge) is strongly recommended, as that will be the primary racing vehicle for one event.

Your favorite, street-capable Supercar is also recommended, as one race will feature a sprint to an MC Clubhouse.

Another recommended piece of equipment is a notepad to write notes on, whether it be physical or digital, for feedback to forward to TrueNinjafrog , to improve for the final event. This is a test run, after all.

Event Itinerary

Join on TrueNinjafrog ’s Friends-Only Session at the time of the event. Wait until TrueNinjafrog starts up the first of 2 races in a playlist.

Phase 1: Boxville Van Push

boxville Contact race, where teams of 2 compete to get their Boxville across a finish line first. Whoever gets their Boxville across the finish line first, wins, followed by the next boxville. Pushers do not count in the final score/leaderboard, but are supposed to push their boxville to victory. Vans only, for balancing reasons and due to race limitations.

Phase 2: “Randomized” Dune Buggy Race


Contact race, where players in their customized Dune Buggies race to random points scattered around Los Santos, to simulate a “blind” run of a Gunrunning sale. These points will not have any real reason or placement, other than that they cannot be on anything but ground floor, and not in buildings. Try not to get stuck, as you won’t have an Atomizer.

This may be replaced with a proper mapping of actual sale locations, but this current style may be fun for a chaotic, randomized event to truly test a GTA player’s ability to navigate on the go.

Phase 3: MC Sale Marathon


A transform race, involving a race to the MC Clubhouse, to start a series of races and routes through Los Santos, in many iconic vehicles used in MC Clubhouse sale missions.

The order is as follows:

Supercar > Dodo > Buzzard > Dinghy > Bagger > Ratloader > Finish

Phase 4: Live Event “End” and Development of Phase 1 and 3.

krieger The event will effectively “end” for the main in-game activities, however users should create and share notes, concerns, ideas, etc. regarding the races to TrueNinjafrog via Discord DMs. This is for improvements to be made on the track’s layout, style, etc. for the Boxville race and MC Sale Marathon. This can include: Prop removal Addition of hidden speed boosts Ramps to make certain jumps and paths less random Barriers Signs Etc. Where the aforementioned brightly colored uniforms come to play, are for helping in creating screenshots and visual markers to where potential changes could be made. A visual indicator of where exactly a change may be added would be incredibly useful.


A strange video of a cat emerging from a place it shouldn’t be. Not NSFW, just peculiar.