Car Meet Race Rally Hosted by: Grace_Nam_KR

HALP Secret Rally Event #1 (Track Rat Race)

A car speeding around a dirt bend


1. Required: Purchase one of the following non-banned vehicles. No restrictions for Track Rats.

Recommended VehiclesPriceSite
Karin Kuruma (Non-Armored)$126,350SSSA
Sultan RS (Benny’s)$795,000Benny’s
Sultan RS Classic$1,789,000SSSA
Lampadati Tropos Rallye$816,000SSSA

The following vehicles have been tested:

Approved VehiclesBanned Vehicles
Sultan RSElegy RH8
Sultan RS ClassicElegy Classic (no skylines :(
Kuruma (Non-Amroured)Jugular
Calico GTFFlash GT
OmnisIssi Sport
Tropos RallyeGB200
TorosComet Safari
PenumbraBlista Kanjo (this was painful)
Issi RallyAll supers except the Sultan RS
Briso R/A
Sentinel Classic

2. Optional: Track used for the event will not be released, but you can practice on KC Rally Championship by Grace_Nam_KR which is fairly similar.

Event Itinerary

1. We will host a meet in a Friends-Only session for vehicle inspection. Send Grace_Nam_KR a friend request if you would like to join. Once all vehicles are deemed to be fit for the track, the time trials will begin. To make it realistic, there will be only one team on the track at a time. This will be on a track built specifically for this event. The teams waiting for their turn are free to do anything they like in the meantime. You will know how much you have to wait for your turn.

3. At the end, once all teams’ times are measured, another meet will occur where the winners will be announced.


1. Your vehicle must comply with the event’s requirements.

1.2 Off-road and motorcycles category is banned completely.

1.3 Super category is banned except the Sultan RS.

1.4 Your vehicle must not have off-road tires equipped. Any other type is accepted, but “sport” or “track” is preferred.

2. Limit your FPS to 60.

3. No restrictions for Track Rats. If one of the members of the team finishing first place is a non-Track Rat, they will get the role. If no non-Track Rat finishes as part of the first-place team, nobody gets the role.