Destruction Exploration Hosted by: Gritz_

HALP Train Hijacking - #2


If you missed the first instance of this stress-melting activity, join us for the second instance of causing some mayhem in Los Santos aboard the rails. Cargobob or drive your Anti-aircraft trailer, Rhino, APC, or any other weaponized vehicles onto the train. Alternatively, join the infantry and shoot from the train itself. The main focus of this event is a cooperative destructive effort, not killing each other.

This is instance 2 / 2. There are two instances of this event. If you are unable to attend one, you may attend the other, or both!


1. Organize into groups and join a CEO or MC together. (This reduces friendly-fire incidents in the cramped space of the train)

2. Cause as much destruction as possible, shoot all cars, helicopters, and police that try and stop you, however, do not intentionally try to kill your fellow HALPers!

3. Try to maintain a 5-star wanted level for as long as possible!

Event Itinerary

1. Join the Friends-Only Session on gritz_ at the time of the event.

2. Meet at the Palmer-Taylor Power Station. This is where the train stops so you can load your weaponized vehicles.

3. Organize into groups and melt the NPCs (and your stress) away!