Fashion Non-GTA Event 💀 PvP 💀 Hosted by: TrueNinjaFrog

HALPer's Squid Game

All players will participate in a series of minigames inspired by the popular Netflix show: Squid Game. Participants will be taken to each game in a Festival Bus, and they will go through various minigames until just 1 player is declared the winner. There is a prize for winning, as described in the "Prizes" section on the event page.



Required:: A Heist Coverall outfit, not including anything in Red, or with a gasmask.

Required: Showing up on time. Late participants can still participate in the event, albeit as a spectator and a voter for the Dalgona Candy Drawing Game only.

Event Itinerary

Join on TrueNinjafrog ’s Friends-Only Session at the time of the event (or earlier, if you’d like!), meet up at the Casino parking lot, and 15 minutes after the start time the event activities will commence.

Red Light, Green Light

1. Participants will be taken to the far end of Sandy Shores Airfield, and then will be instructed to wait with everyone along the starting line.

2. When TrueNinjafrog detonates a sticky bomb, everyone should start running forward towards the other end of the runway.

3. When TrueNinjafrog detonates a second sticky bomb, participants must quickly stop.

4. If any participants are spotted moving after the second sticky bomb goes off, they will be killed.

5. The process repeats until all remaining participants reach the finish line at the end of the airfield.

6. Eliminated participants will be asked to watch remaining participants from a safe distance.

Dalgona Candy Drawing Game (NOTE: Not in-game)

1. Remaining living participants will be taken to LSIA, where they will be lined up against a wall and await further instructions. All spectating participants and those who died during Red Light, Green Light must watch from a distance.

2. Each living participant will race to select one of the 10 drawing prompts provided by TrueNinjafrog , based on GTA items. If there are more than 10 participants, they will get to choose from the same 10 prompts, similar to the actual game in Squid Game.

3. After everyone has selected their prompt, HALPers will be given a “GO” signal to draw their prompt on whichever medium they prefer (A sticky note, scratch paper, Microsoft paint, GIMP, Krita, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

4. Each participant will have 5 minutes to draw their prompt starting after everyone has selected their prompt. Like other time-based events (clothing/fashion events, notably) participants will be reminded in-chat when the time will expire. Participants are highly encouraged to stream their drawing attempt in voice chat if possible.

5. Participants must upload their own drawings in the halp-events channel, and label it as the prompt they were given, before the 5 minute timer expires. I’ll probably give about 30 seconds grace period after “done” to compensate for lag, anyone who does not submit their drawing before the time cutoff is eliminated.

6. All spectators will DM TrueNinjafrog and rate the drawings on a scale of 1-5 based on accuracy, or how well you can tell what an object is supposed to be. (ex. somoene may draw the loadout icon for a gun instead of the actual gun itself). Scores are cumulative. Non-participants may vote in Discord if they are around for the event, as they will effectively be the same as a dead participant.

7. After the cumulative scores are calculated, the top 3 (top 2 if there are 3 participants) will be allowed to proceed to the final game.

Note: if this event somehow only has 2 participants, the winner wins the entire event since there will be insufficient members to proceed to the finals.

FIB Game

1. All remaining participants will be flown to the top of the FIB building through the usage of a stolen helicopter, or Frogger. Once again, all other spectators are only there to watch in their own flying vehicles.

2. The last 3 participants will simply fistfight to the death. I have considered ways to replicate the original “Squid Game” from the show, but this was the best idea I had based on similarly themed GTA videos.

Prizes (choose one)

1. 85% cut of a Cayo Perico Heist (1 - 1.7 million, basically $20 in sharkcards lol)

2. A high quality pixel art image of your avatar, sufficient to receive the Pixel Gang role

3. Any giftable/tradable Steam Community item valued at $4.99 or less