Car Meet Race Hosted by: El27Barto

HEDE Pride (Track Rat Race)

HEDE Pride by .Hede.


1. Required: buy yourself one of the following vehicles:

CarPriceSiteTop Speed (MPH)Broughy Laptime
Obey 9F$120,000SSSA119.751:04.125
Dewbauchee Massacro$275,000LM121.751:03.864
Massacro Racecar$385,000SSSA121.751:03.810
Pfister Neon$1,500,000LM1141:03.298
Benefactor Schlagen GT$1,300,000LM125.51:03.498

Event Itinerary

1. Join on El27Barto up to 15 minutes before the start time. Send El27Barto a friend request if you wanna join.

2. No restrictions for track rats. 3 laps of non-contact qualifying, 20 laps of racing. We’ll line up according to our best lap times before the race starts.

3. If enough people are interested, El27Barto will host a playlist with some of the harder rockstar-created air races (3x $GTA and RP) afterwards. Custom aircraft will be turned off for multiple reasons.


1. Clean racing - respect other racers, don’t crash into anyone on purpose.

2. Don’t use weapons.

3. Limit your FPS to 60.

4. No restrictions for Track Rats. The first non-Track Rat on the podium gets the role, if there are any. If no non-Track Rat finish on the podium, nobody gets the role.