Car Meet Fashion Hosted by: Gritz_

Hot Spot Nightclub Tours

Hot Spot Nightclub Tours

Get your nightclub clothes ready. We will walk and drive together through each member's nightclub to increase the number of 'unique players' up to the maximum of 100 for the platinum award. The more people that join, the more nightclubs we will get to visit.


Necessary: Get a car that you are comfortable driving. Anything you like as long as you can keep up on the highways.

Necessary: Set your Nightclub Management “Office Access” to “Everyone” in the interaction menu.

Optional: Get into your clubbing clothes.

Event Itinerary

1. Join Friends-Only Session on gritz_ at the time of the event. Send a Social Club Friend Request if you want to be able to join.

2. We will meet at the Music Locker. Once everyone has arrived, we will take our cars to each nightclub in the order on this list. If nobody in-session has a nightclub at a given location, we will skip it and move on to the next location.

3. We will drive to each club, park our cars, walk to the entry, and then walk through each front to back. If more than one person has the same nightclub, we will walk through each one in the order that they appear on the list.


1. Take it easy as we traverse the roads.

2. We will go faster than traffic, but still safely between NC locations, so if you are in a faster car, have caution for people who are driving slower vehicles. No bumper cars.

3. No PvP. This is a co-operative adventure, not a murdering opportunity.