Car Meet Exploration Destruction Fashion Hosted by: RomanBrandt84

Karen's Life of Crime - #2

It's time to get our revenge for a minor inconvenience at Sub Urban! Getting the manager fired was not enough. We must destroy all of humanity, again.

Karens_Life_of_Crime Splash


1. Necessary: steal or purchase one of the following vehicles:

Obey Rocoto$85,000Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Albany Cavalcade (Either Gen)$60,000 or $70,000Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Galavanter Baller$90,000Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Galavanter Baller LE (non-armoured)$149,000Legendary Motorsport
Dundreary Landstalker$58,000Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Dundreary Landstalker XL$1,220,000Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Vapid Minivan$30,000Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Benefactor XLS (Non-armored)$253,000Legendary Motorsport

2. Optional: Create an outfit that says “I am done asking for for the manager, now I want the CEO.”

Event Itinerary

1. Join the friends session on RomanBrandt84 and head to the Richman Hotel up to 30 minutes before the event time. If you’re not friends with RomanBrandt84 and want to attend, send a social club friend request.

2. We’ll head to Pacific Standard Bank, where we keep our Kmart kill count list in the vault. But the manager won’t give it to us without ID! So it’s time to f*ck sh*t up!

3. We’ll attract police attention, and then keep them from getting in the building and taking over. It’s a holdoff! Use any weapons you have that aren’t attached to a vehicle (possible exception of the anti-aircraft trailer, if you can get to it before you die), from your bare hands to the mini-gun.

4. Feel free to rejoin or leave at any time during the event. We’ll go until the police stop showing up, or we reach the end of the event!


1. Be respectful of others.

2. No intentional PvP. Accidents are inevitable with this kind of event, but it’s definitely PvE this time. We’re working together to keep the realm of Karens safe from the intrusion of authority!