Race Hosted by: TrueNinjaFrog

Karin Kuruma Kruising - #1

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A race for both Armored and Non-Armored Karin Kuruma.

The perfect car to go with your flesh tunnel earrings, frosted spikes, and oversize jeans. Buy this and you'll never fail to be mistaken for a small town drug dealer again. Let's celebrate this wonderful vehicle in several Stunt Races (3x GTA$ and RP) exclusively for the Sports Class.

The Karin Kuruma. Nearly everyone’s first “heist” vehicle, featuring a nearly (or completely) bulletproof design, built for high speed chases and heists. We’ll take it out of its typically combat-based role, and instead test it out its grit(z) on the track.

We will be using a variety of different stunt courses of different designs and styles, all chosen to be the most fun and interesting to race in with the Kurumas. Anyone is free to use whatever Kuruma variant they own or prefer.

Contact and Slipstream will be enabled OR disabled, based on user vote. To keep things simple, at the start of every race, TNf will ask if anyone wants to change the settings (default is non-contact), and if a majority vote says to, it will be changed to Contact AND Slipstream.