💀 PvP 💀 Hosted by: Clon_ED

Los Santos Civil War - #2

This is instance 2 / 2. There are two instances of this event. If you are unable to attend one, you are welcome to attend the other. You are welcome to participate in both!

Military Truck Overlooking Los Santos: Civil War

Everyone will have to disable their radars/maps. This will be a blind hunt, kind of like a battle royale without shrinking borders.


A Battle-Royale Style Freemode Event. There will be 5 rounds, during which players will be able to either go solo, or form duos. The main objective is to kill everyone else and stay alive; you may use any vehicle in the game except the ones listed on the ban list. Whoever stays alive is the winner of the round!


1. Everyone will start at Los Santos Customs and have 90 seconds to hide in the city. The following map is the area in which competitors may battle in:

Map of allowed areas

2. If the round lasts longer than 10 minutes, vehicle restrictions are removed for the rest of the round, and survivors are allowed to use the Pause Menu Map.

3. Players are required not to stay hidden, try to be as active as possible!

4. Everyone is allowed to fix/switch vehicles.

5. You may go on foot if you want, but you must walk only in places where vehicles could fit. Also good luck with all the heavy guns out there.

6. Once you get killed, run back to Los Santos Custom and wait for the round to end.

Ban List

The following are not allowed in the event. EVERY OTHER VEHICLE is fair game!

Forbidden VehiclesSolo-Only VehiclesForbidden Equipment/Upgrades
ScramjetAvengerAll Snipers
StrombergBuzzardAnti-Aircraft Trailer Dual 20mm Flak
Ruiner 2000TerrorbyteBull Shark Testosterone
RhinoMOC Trailer
Oppressor MKII
RC Car
RC Tank
All Boats
All Submarines