Car Meet Fashion Hosted by: Athoril_

Athoril's Lowrider Cruise

lowrider overlooking los santos

The time has come to show off your collection of Los Santos's most sought after mechanic's work. Channel your inner lowrider and make your old pal, Lamar proud. Bring any car from Benny's lowrider collection, you must have hydraulics.


1. Bring any car from Benny’s lowrider collection, you must have Hydraulics.

2. Optionally, come dressed in your favourite gang’s colors, or coordinating colors with your vehicle. This is not mandatory, but is encouraged.

Event Itinerary:

1. Join Friends-Only session on Athoril_ . The session will be created 20 minutes before the start of the event (you can use that time to customize your vehicle or outfit, if for some reason you haven’t yet).

2. Gather at the Marlowe Vineyards in Tongva Hills.

3. Cruise around the map with your fellow HALPers while taking stops and ending with a few Impromptu Races (following the GPS route).


1. Any kind of weapon usage is forbidden.

2. No PvP, while accidents do happen try to minimize it.

3. While cruising, the traffic rules will be obeyed, no speeding (there will be an Impromptu Race where you can crash your expensive car.)