Car Meet Fashion Hosted by: Noobstaah

Maze Bank Exclusive Car Meet and Parade

Maze Bank Meetup v1

Hello from the clouds!

You know what is better than loading in your arcade in GTA:O? Loading on top of Maze Bank Tower… because it’s closer to the clouds.

Nevermind, that was a bad joke.

We are having a car meet once again on top of the Maze Bank Tower, which will be followed by a military convoy from LSIA to Zancudo. So, whoever missed the Maze Bank Tower car meet or the previous military convoy can join the fun. Show off your cars at Maze Bank, then show off your favourite firepower in the parade.

Event Itinerary

1. Car Meet:

1.1. Join Noobstaah ’s Friends-Only Session at the time of the event
1.2. Bring your cars near Maze Bank Tower.
1.3. 2-3 experienced pilots will use their Cargobobs to lift all cars to Maze Bank Tower helipad.
1.4. A Valet will be present on Maze Bank helipad. Let the valet park your car.

1. Car Meet Rules:

1.1. NO WEAPONS ALLOWED! NOT EVEN FLASHLIGHT. If anyone is seen equipped with a weapon, including flare or flashlight, they will be reported to the Officers. Strikes go brrrrrrrrrrrr..
1.2. Bring the smallest car that you have to the car-meet. E.g. Issi classic.
1.3. No helicopters, even for just spectating. If you want to spectate, get in a Cargobob and jump on the top of Maze Bank Tower.
1.4. No SUVs, trucks, or big vehicles allowed.
1.5. Since there is limited space on Maze Bank Tower, try to come to the event as early as possible so you can get your car on the helipad.
1.6. Once the Maze Bank Tower helipad is filled up, the rest of the cars won’t be allowed, but players can come to the top.

2. Intermission for Photos and Videos

3. Military Convoy:

3.1. After sufficient photos and videos have been taken of the car meet, gather at LSIA. Bring any military vehicle.
3.2. Go together in a convoy to Zancudo.
3.3. Yeet NPCs there. Try to not yeet the fellow HALPers.

3. Military Convoy Rules:

3.1. Any military vehicle allowed including MOC, TB and Avenger.
3.2. Ground vehicles are preferred.
3.3. Every vehicle must go in a convoy.
3.4. Don’t kill other players, but mistakes happen. Don’t make deliberate mistakes.