Fashion 💀 PvP 💀 Hosted by: BlazeRoman

Maze Gunner: Musktets and Marksman Pistols

Curb your 360 no scope and jump scare shots in a pvp battle that takes place in the maze. Participants will either go for a last-man-standing or a team-deathmatch style round, depending on the number of people attending. As usual, the more the marrier.



1. Participants may only use Muskets and Marksman Pistols (single shot weapons) + Melee with said weapons.

2. Whether last-man-standing or team-deathmatch, once you die, sit out until the round is done, then all those who died rejoin for more rounds after.

3. You may use snacks, armor, tryhard helmet, tryhard gloves, and any tryhard clothing that you think will help you not get shot in the face at a random corner.

4. If inside the maze, jumping outside will disqualify you.

5. Extra tall people or people with really big high heels are not allowed, no peeking over maze walls.


1. One dose of Dopamine delivered remotely to your brain.

2. Will be knighted “the maze daddy” for a week or so.