Car Meet Exploration Fashion Hosted by: RomanBrandt84

The Mesa Cruise, Featuring the Canis Mesa - #2

Mesa Cruise cover image This is instance 2 / 2. There are two instances of this event. If you are unable to attend one, you are welcome to attend the other. You are welcome to participate in both!


This is a slow cruise, so expect to take your time and admire the scenery! Get ready to leave the road and explore an area straight out of a Canis commercial. Tall grass, mountains, ocean views, sparse forests, and even a beach! It's going to be a vacation to remember.


1. Necessary: Steal or purchase a Canis Mesa or Merryweather Mesa.

The regular Canis Mesa can be purchased from Southern San Andreas for $20k, and the Merryweather variant can be purchased for $87k from Warstock Cache and Carry. Roof or no roof is decided at random when you order, I think. If you steal them, they spawn with either roof type, so you can pick one.

I’ve heard rumors of pop-up Mesa lots in Los Santos where HALPers can take their pick from stolen Mesas! :smile: be on the look out, just in case!

2. Optional: Create a hiking outfit suitable for being a giant slag at high altitudes. Feel free to re-use your outfit from the Canyon Cruise if you attended that event, or create a new one.


1. No weapons (Flares and Fireworks can be used once we get to the top of Chiliad because the police can’t reach us there).

2. No PvP (Accidents happen)

3. All driving will be realistic (stopping at lights, stop signs, etc. while in town, reasonable pace off road)

4. Come prepared for a relaxing role-play cruise with great views and fun with friends!

Event Itinerary

1. Meet on Friends-Only Session up to 30 minutes before time of event on RomanBrandt84 .

2. Meet at a gas station to get gas and snacks, then head to the Colors of Los Santos meet parking lot in the south east part of the map to wait for people to load in.

3. This is a good time to prep an outfit if you want!

4. We will head off road and explore the big, blank area of the map to our east, stopping for pics and to hang out and take in the views.

5. We’ll stop for food once we get back onto paved roads.

6. This is a slow cruise, so expect to take your time and admire the scenery! :smile: