Adversary Modes 💀 PvP 💀 Hosted by: TrueNinjaFrog

Motor Wars - #1

Motor Wars banner

This is Session #1 out of 2!

Brought to you by our resident sneaky amphibian, this event will be 5 sessions of Motor Wars with no breaks in between sessions, on default or user-voted settings. Since the gamemode allows for up to 28 individuals in a single match, everyone will meet in a single Invite-Only session on TrueNinjafrog beforehand to go over rules, teams, and any other important information.


Motor Wars is a Last Team Standing match, where two to four teams fight each other. Once a player is killed, they do not respawn until a winner is declared. Defeat other HALP members in weaponized combat to win!

Event Itinerary

  1. Meet up in Invite-Only session on TrueNinjafrog
  2. Congregate at Michael de Santa’s house until all members are ready
  3. Go over rules, teams, vote on settings, or any other important information before loading into the gamemode
  4. Participate in Motor Wars!