Plane Meet 💀 PvP 💀 Hosted by: BlazeRoman

Nokotas-vs-Moguls Air Fight - Boom Boom

Alright boys and girls this is it, after the ultrafight ultraflop, we are in dire need of some air violence. Original event by RedCamaroSS may his soul rest in peace. Participants have the option to either play solo in a Nokota or as a team of 2 in a Mogul, No rounds, no points, just maximum slappage for an hour or as long as you need to realise your KD:A have tanked enough for one day.


1. Event will take place in a Friends-only Session, so send BlazeRoman a friend request to join, you are free to remove him afterwards, that’s alright.

2. PvP is allowed only within Zancudo’s airfield space.

3. No attacking those who are on the ground, and those on the ground are not allowed to interfere in the airfight.

4. If your plane is destroyed, feel free to recall it and join again.

5. No missiles or explosive MG, only regular MG.


1. Bragging rights.

2. The friends we made along the way.