Car Meet Exploration Hosted by: Noobstaah

Noobstaah's Off Road Adventure

Group together and explore the wilderness, deserts, canyons, and mountain ranges that San Andreas has to offer. Show the capabilities of your off-roading trucks and cars by climbing steep hills & mountains. Show off your custom suspension systems while high speed off-roading in the ragged hills of Great Chaparral and sand dunes of Grand Senora desert. And finally demonstrate your cooperative driving skills on the steep slopes of Mount Chiliad.

Have fun while off-roading!

Event Itinerary

1. Join the Friends-Only Session on Noobstaah at the time of the event and meet near Palomino Highlands. Exact location communicated at the start of the event. Send friend requests to Noobstaah if needed.

2. Starting from Palomino Highlands, passing through Tataviam Mountains, Great Chaparral, Sandy Shores, Tongva Hills, convoy will off-road to Mount Josiah.

3. Then Raton Canyon, beaches of Paleto Bay will be visited, before going for swimming on Mount Gordo.

4. Finally, a party will be held on Mount Chiliad.


1. Only off-roading cars and trucks allowed. For party bus events, any vehicle can be used.

2. Don’t kill each other but accidents happen. Be careful and understanding.

3. Vehicles can be switched as often as needed.

4. Some low height off-roading vehicles might get totaled/drown at some locations so make sure you also have off-roading trucks.

5. Swimsuit would be nice to have for swimming or your phone might get wet.