Exploration Fashion Hosted by: Athoril_

Pedal Metal - Cycle Cruise

Lester in unwilling to pick up his phone and the police is on your tail? We all now how this ends... Everyone been in that situation, but you no longer have to. Get in shape with our latest mass workout plan.


1. Buy a Scorcher for yourself from Pedal and Metal Cycles for GTA $2000 (or steal it.)

If you want your Scorcher in non-standard colors, follow the embedded video. Thanks to x_MistyK_x for sharing this.

2. Have an Up-n-Atomizer on you. Can be found in Ammu-Nation for GTA $399.000 (While it’s quite expensive, it is a grinder’s best friend. It will serve you well, even after the event.)

Event Itinerary

1. Join Friends-Only session on Athoril_ . The session will be created 15 minutes before the start of the event.

2. Gather at the parking lot overlooking Del Perro beach.

3. Starting from there, we explore various spots around San Andreas.


1. No killing, reserve it for the end of the event.

2. No weapons (Flare, Flare Gun and Fireworks are allowed at a few spots).

3. The mechanic will not deliver your bicycle, so do be extra careful.

4. There will be a situation where cops, will probably show up. Call Lester or use CEO ability called Bribe Authorities, when this happens.