Car Meet Fashion Race Hosted by: Gritz_

Post-Op vs. LSDWP: Meet & Race - #1

We are going back to our roots and revisiting the timeless HALP activity of pushing the Boxville. Choose a team and represent them with pride; are you Team Post-OP, or Team LSDWP? Drivers and Pushers will swap after the first round/route is complete so that every participant has the opportunity to try both roles!



1. Necessary: Select a team and purchase a Boxville from Warstock. If you hate Post-Op with a passion and you have lots of money from Rubio, consider joining team LSDWP. If you are a die-hard postal service worker, consider team Post-Op.

Post-Op Boxville$59,850$45,000Warstock
LSDWP Boxville$398,000$298,500Warstock

2. Necessary: Select a pushing vehicle from Sipi’s Tier List that is not the Vigilante, Brutus (all variants), or the Cyclone, as these are banned.

3. Optional: Make sure your pushing car’s livery/paint matches the team you are representing. White/blue/yellow for LSDWP, brown/tan/white for Post-Op.

4. Optional: Create an outfit suitable for your team. At minimum, try not to rep the other team’s colours in your outfit. White/blue/yellow for LSDWP, brown/tan/white for Post-Op.


1. You’re free to take any route you want, but you must go to each checkpoint in order. Be creative (or logical).

2. Do not interfere with other Drivers or other Pushers.

3. This is a team event, so it is not in your best interest to block/defend against your own teammates (LSDWP or Post-Op respectively). If your team has a fast duo, let them pass, because if your team crosses the line first, you win, regardless of your individual duo performance!

4. Pusher and Driver roles are not swappable mid-race, only between races.

5. For Pushers, the Vigilante, Brutus (any variant), and Cyclone are banned, any other car on Sipi’s Tier List is allowed.

6. If your Boxville is destroyed or sunk in the water, your duo is out until the next round

7. Only 1 Track Rat per duo.

8. Don’t be a jerk, and have fun!

Pre-Race Activities

1. Join the Friends-only Session on gritz_ at the time of the event and go to the Grapeseed Weed location. The session will be created 15 minutes before the start time.

2. Partners can be arranged in-session for anyone who doesn’t have anyone in mind. Show up solo, pick a team, and get matched into a duo consisting of 1 LSDWP or Post-Op Driver and 1 Pusher.

3. Spawn your Boxville (pegasus) and/or your pushing vehicle and group up with your team. Having extra vehicles at the start line is encouraged!

4. Take some time before the race to check out everyone’s cars. Pop the hoods, take a look at what other people have decided to push with!

5. Once everyone has a partner and we have finished mingling, we’ll take our places and begin the race.

Round 1

6. Drivers and Pushers will start their race in the same location. When the race starts, the Drivers will go, and after 30 seconds, the Pushers will go.

7. Pushers push and boost into their partner (if their pushing vehicle has a boost) to help them get to each checkpoint faster!

8. Go to each checkpoint in order and try to be the fastest team to cross the finish line first! (TEAM, not DUO to cross the line first!)

9. Route/round 1: Grapeseed Weed, Paleto Bay Facility Entrance, Devin Weston’s Hangar at LSIA, El Gordo Lighthouse (jump required)

Round 2

10. The next round will begin, with the same procedure as Round 1. Anyone who was DSQed in Round 1 can participate again! Drivers and Pushers should swap roles so that everyone has the chance to try every position.

11. Route/round 2: LS Car Meet, Casino Horse Track (you must complete one lap on the dirt), Sandy Shores Coke Factory, Palmer-Taylor Power Station parking lot, and finally finish underneath Zancudo tunnel