Race Hosted by: X4RN4UDx

Post Op XTreme Race - Late (Special) Delivery


In teams of two, one pusher and one driver, cross the finish line first while adhering to all rules!

Event program:

1. Groups of two players will be formed, consisting of 1 Post Op Driver & 1 Pusher (whom is free to take whatever pushing vehicle they desire, choose at your own risk).

2. Pushers and Drivers Park your Post Op Vans and pushing vehicles at the Post Op Depository in South East of the map. (Event organizer will give you the location in session if you dont know it.)

3. Drivers Go to Alta Street Apartment parking in Pillbox Hill close to Maze Bank.

4. Drivers race from Alta Street Apartment to the Post Op Depository IN KALAHARI only. (Kalahari only costs 40K & can be upgraded). Host will organize the start of the race.

5. Once arrived at the Post Op Depository, drivers YOUR OWN Post Op van (no stealing) and race from there to Chiliad summit with the help of your Pusher.

6. Once at Chiliad summit, the race WILL STOP for drinks and to take screenshots; DON’T LEAVE CHILIAD IMMEDIATELY, wait for the host.

7. Race back from Chiliad summit to Post Op Depository (pushers allowed).


1. You’re free to take any route you want, be creative (or logical).

2. Pushers CAN NOT interfere with other Post Op Drivers or Pushers - respect other runners.

3. Required Vehicles to participate : Post Op Van + Kalahari.

4. You’re free to take any vehicle for pushing only.

5. Teams can decide whether their Pusher will join the Post OP Driver from Alta Street, or if they will wait for the Post OP driver at the Depository.

6. Pusher and Post OP driver roles are not swappable.

7. Don’t be a jerk!