Car Meet Fashion Plane Meet Hosted by: Noobstaah

Power Show-Off

Large group of vehicles

Helloo there Los Santossss!

Noob here with you and we got another event ahead of us in this city of crimee!!

Oh, I love this town, love it like you might love Lester who doesn’t pick up your phone when you are trying to lose cops and now stops you to ask if you want to have orgy with him

Every day here means a hundred new criminals but only half these assholes will survive a year, and that’s it if it’s a good one, and why do these peeps come to LS? Well to be cargo griefers like IIlllIlIllIIlII and xX_puZZayDeStRoYeR_Xx.

Tonight, in Los Santos, the useless management of the crime city invites you to gather at the graveyard of the jets of previous era… The Sandy Shores Airfield!! All the criminals are requested to bring as many vehicles as they can, after all what’s the best way to compensate other than this.

Being gracious as they are, the management has also provided a list of vehicles that can be called at the same time. You can take a look there unless you are a fresh criminal, then you will probably not survive the crime city until the event.

Vehicle List

1. Personal vehicle

2. Agent 14 vehicle – call Agent 14

3. Ms Baker vehicle – call Ms Baker

4. Pegasus vehicle – call Pegasus

5. Franklin vehicle – call Franklin

6. Tony vehicle/Limo – call Tony

7. Kosatka Sparrow

8. Imani motor bike – call Imani

9. MOC/Terrorbyte/Avenger – Avenger preferred

10. Ceo vehicle – get raided while in CEO gg

11. Yacht/captain heli – call captain – disappears after some time or if you go away from it


1. Gather at Sandy Shores Airfield

2. Each person brings as many vehicles as they can from above list

3. Show of power

4. Fly together around map, ending with bombing of Inhumane Labs (in loving memory of Harambe)