Exploration Fashion Plane Meet Hosted by: Gritz_

Precision Helicopter Rappelling Challenge and Sparrow Showcase

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Steady yourselves and prepare for the Precision Helicopter Rappelling Challenge and Sparrow Showcase! In theory, it's simple. Hover over the target and have the passenger lower down the rope from an Annihilator Stealth ($3,870,000/$2,902,500), Annihilator ($1,825,000) or Maverick ($780,000) helicopter. If you miss, however, your passenger will glibly descend down into the cold water, destined to swim back to the shoreline stairs to be collected from behind the gate for another attempt. Don't have one of those expensive helicopters? No problem! Participate as a passenger, whose mission it is to actually hold the button to lower the rope, and whom gets the glory of standing upon the pedestal. Ultimately, it is the passenger who is in control of the precise location of the landing!

Additionally, on the side of the Precision Helicopter Rappelling Challenge, we will show off our Sparrows, because pretty much everyone should have one of those (and if you don’t, you should.)


Annihilator Stealth$3,870,000/$2,902,500Warstock C&C
Annihilator$1,825,000Elitás Travel
Maverick$780,000Elitás Travel

2. Optional: Prepare a suitable swimming outfit, a scuba outfit, and pilot outfit.

Event Itinerary

1. Join on gritz_ at the time of the event.

Depending on turnout, we may organize into different sized groups and play a variety of different modes:

Precision Race, where up to 10 teams of 2 (1 pilot and 1 passenger) compete head-to-head to see who can place their passengers on the poles the quickest.

Team Battle, where we split into evenly sized teams, (1 pilot and 2-5 passengers) where the goal is to place all of the passengers on their poles in order. Each team only has 1 heli and may only carry one passenger at a time. While one passenger is swimming back, the heli may return to behind the gate to grab a different passenger from the team.

Highest Number, In this mode, each of the pilots are designated their own pole, on which they must pack as many passengers as possible. All of the passengers are available for pickup from one big pool behind the fence.

… and more …


1. No weapons, no cops, no fire dept. Having your Avenger on standby so that you can clear your cops if you need to, by getting into the back cavity is a wise idea.

2. No PvP. Accidents happen, especially with fast spinning blades, tight spaces, people rappelling and crowded airspace, but please try not to cause a mass casualty event.

3. Do not purposely damage another HALPer’s helicopter.

4. Try to park neatly.