Race Hosted by: Makafelki

Race Through the Decades: A Hand Crafted Race Series - #1

See the full playlist of tracks on Rockstar Social Club

The host of this event has been creative with the GTA creator for the past few months, and it's resulted in 14 tracks for you to race on! They’re designed around the fact that they should reward skills, and not the car’s max speed, of course. They utilize less-than-obvious track layouts, yet are still instinctive to drive. If you are in doubt, check them out on RSC before the event begins. See the event page for the list of tracks. Each track supports 1-16 players. Personal vehicles are allowed in street races, however, no perfomance upgrades beyond brakes are allowed.

Event Itinerary

· Join Fitz’s session and meet near the Los Santos Port 30 minutes prior to the start of the event and send a Social Club friend request to Makafelki . Once enough racers have arrived, we will race. If over 16 racers show up, we will split into appropriately sized and skilled divisions if necessary, and race!


· 1 Bicycle race; downhill from Mt. Gordo

· 7 Raveyards; they are short, full of corners, and perfect for Sanchez races in the industrial parts of the city.

· 2 80s-themed vinewood street races; cars include most decade-correct cars from either Sports Classics: Cheetah Classic, Infernus Classic, Rapid GT Classic, Torero, Turismo Classic, Viseris, Zion Classic or Muscle cars: Blade, Buccaneer, Deviant, Dukes, Ellie, Gauntlet Classic, Impaler, Nightshade, Phoenix, Sabre Turbo, Tulip, or Vamos.

· 4 90s imports scene themed races; cars include: Penumbra FF, Elegy Retro Custom, Sultan Classic, Sentinel Classic. When the new DLC drops, there will be more where those came from.

That is a total of 14 Races!


1. Simple: fair play, just avoid car-to-car crashes and contact.

2. Personal vehicles are allowed in street races, however, ONLY BRAKE UPGRADES ALLOWED. No perfomance upgrades beyond brakes.