Car Meet Exploration Fashion Hosted by: Noobstaah

Ridiculous Carmeet, Episode 2: Mining Islands

A carmeet where you wont be able to drive your cars! Two parts of the carmeet; drivability will be very limited in both meetups. Have fun!



1. Every car must have neon lights.

2. If you don’t have a car from the list, buy one. They aren’t that expensive.

3. No weapons allowed. Instead buy a handheld flashlight from Ammu-nation.

4. If you have a cargobob, perfect, otherwise pickup services will be provided.

5. Cars allowed for part 1:

5a. Brioso

5b. Issi

5c. Issi classic

5d. Cheburek

5e. Panto

6. All cars allowed for part 2.