Stuntfred Race Hosted by: Gritz_

Rocketfred #1 (Custom Ruleset)

Are you interested in something more exciting than regular ol' Gfred? Join us as we complete everyone's favourite point-to-point race with checkpoints scattered all around the map in the SCRAMJET. The goal is to cross the finish line as fast as possible while adhering to the rules outlined below.

Event Itinerary

1. Join the Friends-Only Session on gritz_ up to 15 minutes before the start of the event to get your parachute and swimsuit ready. If you’re not friends with gritz_ and want to attend, send a Social Club friend request.

2. Join the job when the invitiation is sent.

3. Race!


1. No weapon usage at all (including selection wheel).

2. No killing/hitting/impeding anyone else.

3. Must complete the course without help from any other player.

4. Must exit car and complete run on foot before respawning at highway to take Scramjet. (May skip swim by jumping/boosting in the Scramjet if you dare)

5. Must drive unaided using only throttle, brake and steering. (Brake/curb boosting is allowed.)

6. Scramjet only (no other cars/bikes/quads/planes, etc).

7. If you accidentally kill someone you must wait for them.

8. For fairness sake, every participant is asked to set their FPS to 60, maximum. (No screenshot is needed this time.)