Adversary Modes Destruction 💀 PvP 💀 Hosted by: TrueNinjaFrog

RPGs vs Insurgents Marathon

A marathon stocked full of RPGs, and Insurgents… with Planes, Trains, Supersoldiers, and Snipers? We’ll be slamming expensive armored vehicles with barely-legal rocket launchers, basically. But, some maps may offer… unique twists on gameplay.

This event will not include typical, plain RPG vs Insurgent maps, instead opting for 4 quirky and unique experiences. Expect each map to last around 25-45 minutes.

Event Itinerary

Join on TrueNinjafrog ’s Friends-Only Session at the time of the event (or earlier, if you’d like!), meet up at the Casino parking lot, and 15 minutes after the start time the event activities will commence, in a Playlist. The standard RPG vs. Insurgents map will not be played, this time around.

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Probably the most vanilla experience of the 4 maps we will be touring, this RPG vs Insurgents map has been played before with other HALPers, taking place on Vineyard Boulevard.

RPG and Insurgents will still have their typical Rocket Launchers and Insurgents. This map has tight areas of combat and movement, so Insurgents and RPGs beware!


A map featuring a “third team”, this RPG vs Insurgents map features a NPC-Driven Train for both RPG and Insurgents to be wary of, passing through the RPGs’ platform. GFred fanatics will recognize the local scenery.

This map features a Homing Launcher as part of the RPGs’ arsenal. This allows for less skilled players to more easily hit direct, albeit weaker, shots. Or, for more skilled players, to attempt a weapon-swap to fire 2 rockets faster. The standard Rocket Launcher is still available.

RPG Beasts vs Planes

A level with more unique player dynamics, this map features a super-powered “Beast” RPGs, creating a new challenge for Insurgent, er, Plane players to try to take down. This map takes place above the familiar streets of Los Santos.

RPGs will be armed with Rocket Launchers, Sticky Bombs, and Heavy Sniper rifles. To super-jump, aim (down sights) and jump.

This map features the feared, but Weapons-Disabled B-11 Strikeforce for the Insurgents. Highly skilled pilots and fearless kamikazes are at an advantage, diving at the RPGs from the skies or below.

RPG VS Insurgent (Circle)

Another more vanilla experience of the 4 maps we will be touring, this RPG vs Insurgents map features 4 different ramps for Insurgents to utilize. Located within a big colorful box, this map definitely embodies GTAO’s sandbox nature.

RPGs will be armed with Rocket Launchers, Homing Launchers, and Sniper Rifles.

To balance the ability for RPGs to snipe enemy Insurgents, the Insurgents have 4 lives instead of the typical 1, alongside the aforementioned 4 angles of attack versus 2.


RPGs vs Insurgents is a Last Team Standing gamemode, where players try to completely eliminate the enemy team: the “RPGs” vs “Insurgents”

RPGs have Rocket Launchers, to try to kill Insurgents. They are stranded on a single platform, to fend off Insurgents and try to survive.

The Insurgents will attempt to kill RPGs by whatever means possible. This means that Insurgents may attempt to use Rocket Launchers against RPGs, or the typical unique vehicles available to the map (often, Insurgents).