Car Meet Fashion Race Hosted by: YG1231

Speed Around Weed #5 (Multi-Class Race)

Welcome to HALP's Multi-Class Racing #2. The race is divided in 2 classes: GT1 and GT2. GT1 class cars are generally a bit faster pace-wise compared to GT2. You can team up with another HALPer to form a pair/racing team so each one of you is in a different class. You can declare custom Team Title and Team Colours/Liveries before the event. If you don't have a teammate, you'll be assigned one from the other class. In the end there will be 3 standings, one for GT1 Class, one for GT2 class and finally one for the Teams/Pairs which will be the sum of the points of the 2 HALPers in each class. You are racing the cars in your class and your final points depend only on your in-class finishing position, not overall position.

For registering a team pair/custom colours/liveries etc you can DM YG1231 or post it in the halp-events channel.

Track layout


Required: Buy yourself a car from the following list. If you are a GT1 driver, you only have one car to choose from. If you are a GT2 driver, you have free choice between cars, as they are equal pace.

GT1Dewabauchee Vagner$1,535,000
GT2Pegassi Zorrusso$1,925,000
GT2Grotti Visione$2,250,000
GT2Pegassi Osiris$1,950,000

Event Itinerary

1. Join Friends-Only Session on YG1231 15 minutes before the start time, then wait for the job invite. If not friends already, send a SC friend request.

2. Meet behind the weed factory in Sandy Shores, for a car inspection.

3. We head into the race, called Blaine County 24h by Broughy1322-5.

4. The first two laps will be a Non-Contact Qualifying Session, to determine the starting position of the participants and get familiar with the track.

5. Start procedure will be a Classic Le Mans start, which mean all racers will line up their cars in parallel at the start-finish straight according to the qualifying order and then take their place on foot on the other side of the track across their car. When grenade thrown by Safety Car driver detonates everyone starts running towards their car, gets in and the race starts.

6. Race is in GTA mode 9 laps long.


0. Standard Racing Rules-Guidelines apply, which means no contact with other racers as much as possible, but since accidents can happen, if you cause a crash for someone, then you need to wait till this racer recovers/rejoins the track and overtakes you. Then you can keep going with your own race. Intentionally crashing into other racers or disrupting the flow of the race will warrant a disqualification.

Lapped Cars: Standard multi-class racing rules apply - cars being lapped do not have to move out of the way for faster cars coming through, but should also not actively defend their position and try to slow down faster cars.

0.1 Having 2 Track Rats in the same team is possible, but for a more level playing field they will get a 25% reduction in their team points as a penalty.

1. Everyone will be required to limit their FPS at 60. At the end of the event the host will ask for a screenshot from the 1st player, when they pass the finish line. (Where the FPS counter is clearly visible.) Failing to present the screenshot means that their performance in the race will be disregarded and the 2nd player will be asked show their screenshot.

1.5 The frame lock and the screenshot can be done by your preferred software. (I can recommend RivaTuner with MSI Afterburner and Screenpresso for the screenshot)

2. Weapon usage is forbidden.

3. Brakeboosting is not allowed, kerboosting is allowed but not swerving over kerbs on the straights.

4. Intentionally crashing into other racers or disrupting the flow of the race will warrant a disqualification. (Accidents will happen, but try to minimize it.)

5. Try to only overtake racers when the risk of crashing is minimum, on the other hand if someone is clearly faster than you, let them pass.

6. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the racing with your fellow HALPers!