Car Meet Fashion Race Hosted by: Barry_Snorevitch

Go Fast or Smoke Weed

WW Catfish Mountain Pass by WhiteyWhite

Join Barry_Snorevitch in a non-competitive, non-Track Rat earning race on a superfast pace track.


Required: Buy yourself one of the following vehicles:

CarPriceSiteTop SpeedBroughy Lap Time


Event Itinerary

1. Join Friends-Only Session on Barry_Snorevitch . The session will be created 15 minutes before the start of the event.

2. Meet at the Diamond Casino parking lot, for a car inspection.

3. We head into the race, WW Catfish Mountain Pass by WhiteyWhite

4. The first 3 laps will be the non-contact Qualifying Session, to determine the starting position of the racers.

5. Next comes the actual race where everyone takes their position, according to their best lap time in the Qualifying Session. Racers are required to start on their Qualifying position.

6. Race is in GTA mode and will be 15 laps.

7. After starting grid is arranged the first racer will throw a grenade and the race begins when it detonates, any kind of weapon usage besides that is forbidden.


1. Everyone will be required to limit their FPS at 60. At the end of the event the host will ask for a screenshot from the 1st player, when they pass the finish line. (Where the FPS counter is clearly visible.) Failing to present the screenshot means that their performance in the race will be disregarded and the 2nd player will be asked show their screenshot.

1.5 The frame lock and the screenshot can be done by your preferred software.

2. Nobody gets the Track Rat role role, just have fun for once FFS.

3. Weapon usage is forbidden.

4. No boosting allowed. Yes you can still drive over/on the kerb just don’t weave on and off of it.

5. Intentionally crashing into other racers or disrupting the flow of the race will warrant a disqualification. (Accidents will happen, but try to minimize it.)

6. Try to only overtake racers when the risk of crashing is minimum, on the other hand if someone is clearly faster than you, let them pass.

7. Have fun, this is mandatory. Failing to have fun will result in a hitman showing up at your door.